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Learn how to grow your own fruit and vegetables

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is easy, healthy and fun, and even the smallest garden can produce a surprising amount. Home-grown, organic fruit and vegetables are unbeatable for flavour and freshness, free of pesticides and preservatives, and travel yards, rather than miles, to your plate. And if you get children involved, you will have no trouble getting them to eat their five-a-day.

If you're not sure where to start, and you live in the south-east, I can help. Whether you want to grow a few tomatoes and lettuces, lay out a big vegetable garden or plant some fruit trees, I can help you get the very best out of your plot.



If you live within about 50km of Borris, Co Carlow, I can make a site visit to your garden to:

  • help you choose the best site fruit and vegetables

  • test your soil

  • advise how to plan your vegetable plot

  • advise on soil preparation and improvement

  • advise on raised beds and rotation

  • discuss the best way to produce the fruit and vegetables you want to grow.

If you wish, I can make return visits to help you lay out and prepare the plot or raised beds, teach you gardening techniques and advise on any problems.

I can also provide detailed rotation plans, advise on polytunnels and allotments and help you plan and plant a small orchard.



Learning to Grow Vegetables and Fruit – 4 week course: Saturdays 27 March and 10, 17 & 24 April, 10 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. at Newtown, Borris, Co Carlow. The course will be tailored to the needs of participants and will cover all aspects from plot preparation to cultivation and harvesting. €70. Please contact me for further details.

I also run day and half-day courses at my home near Borris, Co Carlow. These cover specific subjects like Pruning, Herb-growing, Planting a small orchard, and Soil improvement and compost-making.



I'm Deborah Ballard. I have been growing vegetables, herbs, soft fruit and orchard fruit for many years at my garden near Borris, Co Carlow.

059 972 5947
087 931 3691


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